For starters...

Ninety-percent of what you need to learn can be had for free and I’m willing to provide you with the basics at this rather economical price. Why? Because your survival is what matters. You’re already spending millions on failed technologies and politically correct tactics and they’ve gotten you nowhere. Timidity is your greatest evil.

Take this opportunity to download and read my books Integrated Technical Warfare: An Organizational Guide to Creating a Corporate Counterterrorism Force and Mini-Manual of the Independent Counterterrorist; participate within my Independent Counterterrorist Training program, and peruse my Understanding Improvised Explosive Devices (from The Tactical Citizen series).

You will discover that you no longer need to fear evil, that you possess most of what you need to survive, and that a cost-effective, practical response to terrorism is within your grasp. Let your competition worry about “offending” others – you defeat your threats before they defeat you.

Learn and Live.
Direction for a Dangerous World.

You are one heartbeat away from extinction. Your finances are one computer glitch away from oblivion. Your nation is one vote away from either tyranny or anarchy. Your family is one crisis away from terror. You may be just one decision away from all of these. When the time comes to act, you must be prepared with the best intelligence available.

From pirates to terrorists to garden-variety criminals, the challenges meet you at your door. In fact, most seek you out; you do not have to venture anywhere special to confront these dangers.

Your only hope for survival entails developing a 360 “Sphere of Awareness” completing encompassing your daily actions. And, friends, you will not receive much help from an impotent government and an apathetic global community.
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